Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Naked Calendar Sneak Peek

Balloon Boys

Well, they did it!  Here they are in (almost) all their glory!

Banner Babes

Despite plenty of nerves, these adventurous folk from Bridgwater's Trimwise Gym slipped off their robes and posed for a series of fun & artistic pictures that could soon adorn an office wall near you.

Rumours of a steamed up camera lens are unconfirmed, however the ladies have assured us the temperature at the photoshoot was perfectly warm, regardless of what the gents may have you believe.

Banks of printers are currently beeping and whirring around the clock in an effort to keep up with the expected demand, but don't leave it too late otherwise you risk dissapointment.

For just £5, not only will you have easy access to useful 2013 date information, but also handy reminders of what ordinary men and women can achieve through healthy eating, regular exercise and a little willpower.... oh, and maybe a few balloons!

So if you've not yet organised your calendar for next year, or you know a few friends who may appreciate something other than socks & chocs, then please contact Sammy or Becky on 01278 727990, email or just pop along to the gym to say hi and grab a couple of this year's most wanted stocking filler!     

In all seriousness though, everyone at the Somerset group has huge admiration for the Trimwise team and their willingness to flash the flesh to raise money for and awareness for Breakthrough. It is only through the amazing efforts of such supporters that Breakthrough can conduct the world class research needed to achieve the goal of a future free from the fear of breast cancer.


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